Get to know your Geek

4 questions to ask a geek, designed to expose their level of geekiness Mac or PC Ask this question in a room full of geeks to start anything from a passionate conversation to an all out war. This is undoubtedly the most well known debate in the computer industry. Both camps are equally vocal about… [Read On]



DNS for the Small Business Owner

The following loosely describes the steps that your browser takes to display a website from the point that you type it in to the point that a web page displays. The target audience of this article is the small business operator who needs to understand a little more than the basics to best manage his… [Read On]

Best jquery job description ever

Today I came upon the best job description I’ve seen so far for a front-end developer. Check it out at Monster if you are a ‘ninja’.



OSX Mavericks

After yesterday’s announcement I’ve received a handful of emails from friends and acquaintances asking if I was going to install Mavericks. The answer is a resounding YES! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the final release since it was announced earlier this year. I haven’t done any beta (or other testing) with it… [Read On]

How to make iTunes ratings work for you

I use a combination of iTunes ratings and smart playlists to turbo charge my options for music listening. I spent a good while determining how to make the best of iTunes and the following has worked very well for me. While this exact setup may not work for you, building upon this methodology may just… [Read On]



How to create a WordPress child theme in X minutes

Why? WordPress themes that are perfect “out of the box” (so to speak) are not always easy to find. More often than not, I’ve found that the theme needs a little tweak. For this reason many themes allow a style sheet over-ride in their configuration settings. However, not all of them do and even if… [Read On]

How to enable right-mouse click on your Mac

For many, the learning curve to go from PC to Mac is an easy one… and for others tiny little differences add up to quick frustration. Take the right-mouse click motion that is very much a standard for every PC user. The default configuration for OSX does not enable the right-mouse click which means the… [Read On]



How to tune your iTunes Recently Added playlist

I create a great number of playlists to serve different purposes (coding vs. reading vs. sleeping). Smart playlists are a big part of my music listening experience in the #musiquarium. In this post though, I’ll explain how to get more use out of your default iTunes playlist Recently Added. Why? By default the Recently Added… [Read On]

Change the default category for your WordPress posts

Why? New users to WordPress and blogging may not always remember to or even want to take advantage of post categories. By default all new posts are assigned to the Uncategorized category. Many, if not most WordPress themes use the post category in the byline area of a post. If your theme exposes the category, you… [Read On]



How to change your byline text in WordPress

Many WordPress themes show the author of a post in a byline format just below the article title. If this is the case for your theme, you will likely want to change the default formatting of the author’s name. The default format is to use the login of the author, which is not as user… [Read On]