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The Woman That Wasn't Kesha's Mom

I had the exquisite pleasure of watching Kesha perform live to a sold out audience at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta on the last Friday…

What Is Recycling Today?

When I was a younger person, glass bottles could be collected, returned to points of purchase and receive 5, 10 or 15 cents in credit...


1975, Uncle Ted, and the Education of Pink Floyd

It was 1975 and I was eight years old. That summer I spent in Ohio, much of the time with my favorite uncle...

Following a Rainbow and Finding Kesha, Part 3

Bastards starts as a slow acoustic guitar, Kesha’s plaintive croon is laid atop with..

Following a Rainbow and Finding Kesha, Part 2

First single, Die Young. Hmmm, another YOLO anthem? Perhaps. Apparently there was also grief over this song...

Following a Rainbow and Finding Kesha, Part 1

Country and philosophy are just two recurring themes on Kesha’s new release, Rainbow. Am I talking about the same Ke$ha? Yes, that one. But...

Thinking Is The Very Best Way To Travel

In 1976, when I was nine years old, my parents took my sister and I to a transcendental meditation class. Mom and Dad told us that...


Update a WordPress password with wp-cli

If you develop with Wordpress and are handy on the command line, I highly recommend installing and using WP-CLI. Meanwhile, here is a cheat to just reset the password.

Back up your iOS Day

Today is backup your iOS (device) day around our house.  In preparation for the release of iOS11 tomorrow I’ve backed up my iPhone and made sure I had the latest OS installed (I did). Why today? Why back it up?

Your domain, your business

As an Internet consultant to small businesses, the first thing I always recommend is to register a domain name. Hopefully that no longer needs to even be said, but even so I often see businesses that are not using their

Enjoy dropping your phone in the toilet ;)

My youngest daughter dropped her phone in a public toilet last weekend. After emerging from the restroom and explaining her plight, we ran through the store in search of a bag of rice and then rushed to the customer service

I fell in love in a job interview

Or more specifically, I fell in love with a platform when I applied for a job at Pantheon.io.

So not really a person and it was more geek-love than anything else, so that’s why I’m sharing it here.

How to change your byline text in WordPress

Many WordPress themes show the author of a post in a byline format just below the article title. If this is the case for your theme, you will likely want to change the default formatting of the author’s name. The

How to enable right-mouse click on your Mac

For many, the learning curve to go from PC to Mac is an easy one… and for others tiny little differences add up to quick frustration. Take the right-mouse click motion that is very much a standard for every PC

Get to know your geek!

4 questions to ask a geek, designed to expose their level of geekiness Mac or PC? Ask this question in a room full of geeks to start anything from a passionate conversation to an all out war. This is undoubtedly

DNS for the Small Business Owner

The following loosely describes the steps that your browser takes to display a website from the point that you type it in to the point that a web page displays. The target audience of this article is the small business

Outlook Overload (Pt. 2)

Too Many Emails! In part two of Outlook Overload we look at the Inbox. Whether you are a believer in Inbox Zero or not, if you work in tech today you will spend more time than you really wish to

Outlook Overload (Pt. 1)

Too many meetings! This has historically been the number one complaint I’ve heard from developers. Developers are not the only ones to complain though, I’ve heard it directly from project managers too, and they traditionally schedule more meetings than any


Naked Eyes – Promises, Promises

I used to have the original release as an A  side to a TDK (cassette).  The B side was a copy of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Amazing that I remember the specific brand of the cassette, but I guess I had

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

Like many others in the early 80’s, I first learned about Joan Jett from the classic I Love Rock-n-Roll.  However, since all of my music (or most of it anyway) came from the Columbia Record & Tape program and I

Devo – Freedom Of Choice

Let’s talk about Energy Domes. First of all, yes, they were not actually upside down flower pots. These energy domes were introduced with the release of Devo’s Freedom of Choice which brought Whip It to the mainstream. Whip It peaked

Wham Rap

In 1982 I was introduced to a new band by an acquaintance named Lance. He lived in a house that my father had built on King’s Flats outside of Central City, Colorado. Lance had a mohawk and wore a leather

Bow Wow Wow – Aphrodisiac

Bow Wow Wow was touring in support of their When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going release and in this case was opening for The English Beat.  The show actually opened with Joe “King” Carrasco & The Crowns,

Peter Schilling – Error In The System

As a teen I had an interest in the German language due to a couple of hitch hikers my dad picked up during the summer.  Rolf and Jorge were traveling across the US from New York to California when they

Rachel Sweet – Blame It On Love

I think it is appropriate that I start this blog out with the first post on Rachel Sweet.  It was her that captured my imagination as a 13-year old boy after hearing her belt out B-A-B-Y and Just My Style


“Turkeys” aka tourists

Central City is what my father called a tourist town. The height of tourist season was in the summer, and many stores completely closed up during the winter. Somewhere along the way, our family started referring to a tourist as a turkey. I don’t remember why it started exactly. I had always assumed that it …

The Belvedere Theater

It was Friday night and the Gibbins family was going to the movies. Not to one of the fancy new two-plex theaters like they had in Denver though. We were going to the Belvedere and like many places in Central City, this building had historical significance. We had to descend one of two wood staircases …

Got Milk?

I don’t recall how old Q.T. Pie and H.O.B. were when they came to us. The whole family enjoyed watching them with their antics of climbing woodpiles and head butting one another. They were larger than most of the little ones that prance around on YouTube, but they were just as playful. Imagine a bigger …

What Do I Care What a Goat Herd?

It started with two kids and before we knew it we had a herd. The first winter in the basement was an eye opener in many ways for our family of five. We learned that the Jeep couldn’t make it home every time and that we had to plan on walking part of the way. …

The Jeep (Pt 2)

This is not our Jeep. It is very close to it though. I took this photo in June 2016 while on family vacation in Washington state. It was parked on the side of the road. Likely unused until winter. Ours was nearly like this, but there were some custom modifications that made it even more …

The Jeep (Pt 1)

If we were going to spend a winter in the house we were building, we were going to need more than the 2-wheel drive truck we had. That fall, Dad brought home The Jeep. We just called it The Jeep since we didn’t really name vehicles and we only had one Jeep. Dad had already taught …

The Little Colonel

In a tourist town like Central City or Blackhawk there are a large variety of interesting summer jobs. One year mom got a summer job working in a mine. Seriously. Of course, it’s not what you might be thinking with a helmet and headlamp. She was a tour guide for the Little Colonel Gold Mine. …

We Are the Children of Clark School

The Schoolyard at Clark was a 4th grader’s dream and every modern mother’s nightmare. The kind of excitement we had then cannot be found on a playground today. As I recall, the swing was on the only flat part of the yard and constructed of three inch iron pipe. Tall, three-legged triangles on each end …

Missouri Falls

One summer mom and dad surprised us with a trip to a local, but apparently not widely known, private location they referred to as Missouri Falls. To reach Missouri Falls was a quick trip by truck since it was not too far off the highway outside of Blackhawk. After turning off the main road, we …

The “Curve”

The last leg of the journey home began at what we called the curve. This photo shows a small part of the sometimes narrow road and, of course, the curve itself. The edge of the road is actually a drop off to a valley far below – a steep drop off. On the topographical maps …

Pisgah Lake

Pisgah Lake, aka Lake Pisgah, aka Pisgah, aka the pond on the way home was an easy landmark to get people navigated to our house. Friends had to rely on some great directions back then, you know before GPS. The photo above must be during a spring thaw before the 4×4 clubs were able to …

Sword Fights and Train Robberies

As a tourist town in the summer, Central City made and exciting background for adventure for any nine-year old boy. Imagine living in the middle of a western set for a movie. Where almost every building is dedicated to bringing the essence of mining, the old west and the Victorian era into the hearts and …

Finding “The Cabin”

One afternoon Dad went for a hike to find the source of a nearby creek. He took Ginger (our Irish Setter) and starting at where the creek crossed the road he followed it into the bushes. This may seem a strange thing for a dad to do, but not mine. Ostensibly he was hunting and …

Goat Chili (Not Like It Sounds)

A trip to the store was a little over 8 miles by truck in the summer… in the winter it was also 8 miles, but 4 miles of that often had to be taken by foot. A gallon of milk weighs a little over 8 1/2 pounds in your backpack. Mom tried powdered milk, but …

Christmas Eve Eve Snowstorm

In 1979 my Uncle Ted came to visit us for Christmas during his holiday break from Kent State University.  To say that Uncle Ted was my idol would be an understatement.  He taught me all sorts of things when I was younger… like “Peace Baby Man That Turns Me On” (said while holding up your …

Tent Living

In the late spring, summer and early fall of 1979 I lived in a Coleman tent with my father and our Irish Setter.  This was when we first began building our log house.  Living in the tent allowed us to get up early each day and finish the day’s work as the sun set. This …

Bath In A Bucket

Water conservation was pretty much a way of life when “running water” meant that the winter temperatures hadn’t frozen the creek over. One of the many chores that my sister and I shared was referred to simply as getting water.  It really wasn’t actually simple though. Most often this was achieved by carrying empty gallon …

Fifty Steps To The Outhouse

Or so… actually, I probably never really counted.  But it was off in the woods a little way.  The thing is that we didn’t actually finish the walls on the outhouse that first year either. Dad got up first in the morning and the rest of us just waited for him to restart the fires …

Raking Rocks And Watering The Floor

The first winter in the Cabin wasn’t really “in” the cabin at all, but kind of under it.  Since we only got two of the vertical log walls (mostly) up before the winter really hit, we had to live in the basement all winter. While this might not sound horrid to the casual reader there …

Beginning Work On The House

Spring of 1979 marked the year we started building the cabin. Dad and I and Ginger (Dad’s Irish Setter) loaded up the tent and headed out to “the property”. From the time that Mom and Dad exchanged one mining claim for another even more remote claim it was referred to as “the property”. It wasn’t …

Uphill In The Snow Both Ways

Jennifer and I walked to school when we lived in the log home that our family built… and it was uphill both ways in the snow. Okay, not all of that is true. We really didn’t walk ALL the way to school. We only walked to the bus stop, but that was at least a …

Sleighrides and Hayrides

Ever in search of a sustainable home-based business, Dad thought that providing hayrides during the summer and sleigh rides during the winter would be a good moneymaker. So Dad bartered something (I don’t remember what) for two draft horses. Ace and Sarge were very large Shires, a particular breed of draft horse that actually exceeded …

The Buck House

In the spring of 1978, we moved from The Sauer House in Central City out into an even more rural area of the already rural town. Dad built a house for someone by the last name of “Buck” and in keeping with Central City tradition we dubbed this house The Buck House. As it was …

The Sauer House

In the fall of 1976 my family moved from Lakewood, Colorado to Central City, Colorado. Central City is a very small tourist town almost due west and 3,600 feet up. These days it is a gambling town which is much different from the tourist town it was. Back then the Central City Opera Company provided …